Power Washing Decks


It’s true that power washing your deck can and will clean your deck.  However it’s also true that thousands of homeowners and contractors each year cause irreversible damage to their decks simply due to lack of knowledge in how to restore wood.  At TimberSeal we provide a safe low pressure approach to cleaning and restoring wood.  Where as a pressure washer is generally pushing out 3000 lbs of damaging pressure, our equipment is specifically geared to work off low pressure and volume.  What enables us to clean using a safe lower pressure?  Our proprietary cleaning and restoration detergents of course!  Using a combination of our very own TimberPro cleaners, brighteners and finish removers your deck is treated with it’s own unique needs in mind.  These products dissolve, lift and remove old stains, dirt, discoloration and more and allow us to perform a “heavy rinse” rather than blasting it.

For more information on our Six Step Restoration Process click here

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