Northwest Indiana Home Improvement Guide

Hi and thanks for your interest in our project. My name is Greg Rentschler and if our reading through this information you’ve been invited by a member of our networking group. As small business owners who frequent the trade shows and rely on advertising dollars to acquire new leads we’re always looking for more cost effective ways to grow our business. One day at a not so successful home show a Darrin Selking (Landscape Illumination) and I got to talking. With a little brain storming we put together a great idea to help market and promote without a huge expense. That’s where the idea for the Northwest Indiana Home Improvement Guide came from.

The NWI Home Improvement Guide consists of select (the best NWI companies) local home improvement contractors who share the same philosophy as Darrin and I. We look for small business owners that work hand in hand with homeowners and have a dedication to helping other small business owners grow their businesses as well as their own. As a group we put together the NWI Home Improvement Guide. The guide is a full color magazine style publication containing a full page ad, coupon and small article from each of the participating business owners and it is handed out by each contractor at their estimates. The businesses within are ALL non-competitive so there’s never a reason NOT to promote your fellow friends and business owners to YOUR customers.

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