Shutter Renewal


Vinyl Shutters do a lot to bring together the appearance of your home but unfortunately the appearance of vinyl shutters will degrade rather rapiy.  Oxidation sets into the vinyl over the coarse of a few years bringing about a white chalky appearance that makes your home look older than it is.  The good news is TimberSeal can restore, preserve and protect your shutters and keep them looking great for years to come.  


Using our proprietary ShutterSeal system your faded vinyl shutters are restored to once again look like new.  A cleaning and deoxidizing process is implemented to the shutters to first remove any accumulated dirt and debris from the shutter exterior.  Following this a vinyl conditioner and pretreat is applied to the vinyl and allowed to dry.  Thereafter our very own Shutter Seal Vinyl Shutter Restorer is applied to your shutters to restore the original color and luster back to your shutters.    The best part is this entire process is performed WITHOUT the need to remove the shutters from your home!  A typical home’s shutters can be restored over the coarse of an afternoon with larger projects taking up to a full day.  


We have used our ShutterSeal system on large and small properties alike with fantastic results!  Our last commercial project involved restoring a whopping 768 shutters!  TimberSeal was able to save the association a large amount of money over the cost to remove, ship and reinstall new shutters and the results to the customer were astounding.
For a quote on restoring vinyl shutters or other vinyl items on your property contact us today.  We will happily evaluate your project, explain our process and provide a no obligation quote at no charge.

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