Indiana Composite Deck Cleaning and Sealing


Homeowners are paying a premium for a decking material that promises to reduce some of the the problems with wood decks, like rotting and splintering. But, some homeowners said they’re fed up with the mold that grows on some composite decks.

Retired and ready to enjoy the peace and quiet of his backyard, Ken Kasper wanted a deck without the hassle of wood.

“You’d have to paint it every year and stain it every year, so I was looking for something that would last longer and be easier to maintain,” Kasper explained.

Composite decking is an alternative to wood that promises to be less hassle, but Kasper showed us dark spots all over his deck.

Mold problems reported throughout the country

The spots are mold, and it’s a problem on many brands of composite decking. When I worked at our sister station in Kansas City, I heard from dozens of homeowners who had mold problems with several different brands of composite decking.

Dick Kessler has a different brand deck than Kasper, but refers to his as a “leopard deck.”

“You’re scrubbing trying to get rid of the stains on it,” Kessler said.

Some consumers have taken the deck companies to court. A class action lawsuit was settled over mold and mildew with the brand Choicedek. Other homeowners filed a lawsuit against Trex, after they noticed splintering and rotting. In 2004, the company settled the suit and agreed to stop advertising its products as “maintenance free.”


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