TIMBERSEAL Commercial Services came about with aspecific task in mind.  Filling the need for commercial cleaning and restoration in Lake, Porter and Laporte Counties.  All over NW Indiana we constantly were exposed to less than hygiene conditions on building exteriors, concrete pads, dumpster areas, drive thru’s and other public areas.  Mold, mildew, dirt and grime accumulates over short periods of time making these locations unsightly and an eyesore to the general public.  The same public that visits daily to purchase the products in which they sell! 

Have you ever been through a fast food drive up window only to find the buildings exterior inundated with green and black mold and mildew?  It literally takes over the building!  Keep this in mind when your trying to make the best first impression possible to your customers.

With TIMBERSEAL Commercial Services a trained technician will come into your location working with you on your most time sensitive schedule to provide a sparkle to your curb appeal.  Mold and mildew is killed off and removed through a low pressure Softwashing system proprietary toTIMBERSEAL.  Landscape friendly cleaners and brighteners are used to restore the beauty and luster back to these surfaces bringing them back to their original appearance.  Your facility will quite simply scream “Clean!”.

Areas where TIMBERSEAL Commercial Services can provide their enhanced cleaning services include:


    The focal point of your whole facility is the building on your property.  It is the most visible asset on your property so doesn’t it make sense to make it look its best?  Certainly does!  The appearance of your building and its cleanliness is the first line of a great first impression and returning customers!


     Drive thrus can be a tough cookie when it comes to keeping them maintained and clean.  Unfortunately we have no control over the guy who decides to let his car leak oil all over your pads or the kid that like to chuck his chewing gun out the window.  On a positive note however we can remedy those unsightly problems with a thorough cleaning and maintenance program.  We come in and pre-treat stubborn areas and provide a deep cleansing to the surface to lift that stubborn old oil, dirt, and other contaminants.  Surface contaminants are whisked away using a high volume hot water wash system and specialized surface cleaning machines developed specifically for concrete surfaces.  The end result is a sparkling clean drive thru you can be proud of!


     Obviously often one of the more… ahem… disgusting areas around your property the dumpster areas and pads (often concrete) tend to collect the bulk of the dirt, debris, grime, mildew and not to mention critter leftovers.  Food and debris often bring in unwanted vermin and disease that a commercial property owner definitively does not want.  This not only is a health risk to those working at your facility but also those clients that visit.  Appearance is another key issue with regard to the dumpster areas.  Grease, grime, and fats often discolor and stick to these surfaces leaving them downright ugly and unsightly.  You do want to leave a good first impression don’t you?  If your dumpster area is clean it can definitely say a lot about the rest of your facility!


     By far one of the most used areas of your facility are the common areas.  These include the entrance areas, sidewalks, patios, curbs and parking areas.  These areas in particular tend to collect most of the grime your clients bring with them.  Foot traffic and disposal of unwanted items (aka:  chewing gum!) make their way to these surfaces and get embedded in from all of the customers visiting and it really doesn’t take all that long for these surfaces to become… well… disgusting to be quite frank.  Have us clean and maintain these areas and aTIMBERSEAL Commercial Services technician will visit your location on a scheduled routine to apply a landscape friendly cleaner that will soften and emulsify the grime for gentle cleaning and removal. The surfaces are then treated a surface scrubbing using our using our high volume hot water wash system and specialized surface cleaning machines developed specifically for concrete surfaces.


There’s no doubt that awnings and canopies can get dirty rather quickly.  Just take a look around and you’ll see hundreds of them in our town that are discolored, faded, and full of mildew and grime.  As expensive as these awnings are their care is often overlooked allowing them to go into a state of disrepair.  TIMBERSEAL Commercial Services provides a gentle approach to cleaning these delicate surfaces.  Specialized cleaners designed for awning and fabric surface are used to clean and restore awnings back to their original appearance.  Most awnings will literally look as though they were just installed after cleaning leaving a fantastic first impression with your customers.  We clean both the upper and lower sides in addition to the aluminum framing often used to support them.   You’ll be in awe(-ning … sorry bad joke!) after you see the results!

At this time we would like to propose that we come out to your location and discuss further cleaning opportunities.  We would also like to provide you with a free demonstration to show exactly what TIMBERSEAL Commercial Services cando for the image of your company.  I think it goes without saying we all have to put out the best first impression possible and follow that with a consistent and clean experience for our customers.  Let TIMBERSEAL Commercial Services help in providing that image that brings a customer back time and time again!

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