About Us

Indiana ProWash was created to fill a market need so often forgotten – exterior cleaning and maintenance!  Our existance began with our parent company, TimberSeal, LLC in 1996.  Through out those years, local business, municipalities, and industrial clients requested our expertise for various cleaning projects that were in need of completion.  After many successful years in the commercial cleaning industry along with our residential sector that TimberSeal specialized in Indiana ProWash was born as a seperate entity. Our business principles of quality, pride and trust stand true to all aspects of our business.  We have been servicing the great lakes region for a combined 17 years now providing exceptional service at a fair price.  It is our goal to leave every customer with a desire to do future business with us and with the hope that by providing this exceptional service you’ll tell all of your friends and neighbors about us. 

Indiana ProWash SPECIALIZES in the cleaning, maintenance and restoration of exterior surfaces for commercial, municipal, agricultural and industrial clients throughout the Great Lakes Region.  Our pride and joy is in the smile on your face when you see the dramatic and gratifying results that our proprietary cleaning and restoration process provides on every job.  Through specialized training, proprietary products and some of the best equipment technology available on the market we can restore and maintain virtually any surface or project.

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